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The greatest compliment any business can get are glowing testimonials and regular referrals.  At Action Jackson Tree Service, we are happy to share some glowing testimonials and we are grateful to our customers for their referrals.

Action Jackson Tree Service, led by Doug Jackson, is an incredible company.  We had two extremely large trees that were right up against our house.  They showed up on time, and quickly went to work.  They completed a very difficult task and ground down the stumps so that you can’t event imagine any trees were ever there.  They left our yard completely pristine as they removed absolutely everything.  We continue to recommend Action Jackson to all of our friends and neighbors.  Jessica I.  Quogue, NY


Doug and his amazing crew arrived a 7:30 in the morning and worked all day and past sunset to complete the work. I really can’t say enough in praise of his work and his work ethic. The pricing is fair and highly competitive, and Doug’s investment in heavy duty machinery is impressive. I’ve owned my own small bicycle business for nearly 40 years so I know something about how hard it is to get it right. Action Jackson does it all and does it all right. From cleaning up the small branches, to raking the driveway, to cutting the wood in perfect and piling it neatly Action Jackson doesn’t know how to not do it right. Thanks Guys.  Jeff Loewi