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We provide complete tree services including:

TREE REMOVAL             STUMP GRINDING                FREE WOOD CHIPS               TREE TRIMMING


Tree Removal

We provide expert tree removal services.  No tree is too big or too small for our team to manage.  We can remove dead trees that are a nuisance and, if needed, live trees that are a problem for your home or business.  Our team works with the best equipment, the best techniques and the best teamwork to quickly remove any tree that is required.

Stump Grinding

We remove and grind unsightly tree stumps.  Our team has the most advanced equipment to achieve results quickly and efficiently.  Your home or business will look much better if you remove unsightly stumps and our team can do it.

Tree Pruning

Sometimes you need to prune your large trees to keep branches away from the roof, wires or other objects.  Our team can help.  Using the most advanced equipment, our team can prune your trees so that they remain beautiful and that they grow in the proper direction.

Stump Removal

Stumps are very unsightly and they are an unnecessary eyesore on your property.  They are also difficult to deal with if you don’t have the right equipment.  Call Action Jackson for speedy stump removal.  Our team has advanced equipment to quickly remove any stumps on your property.  Your yard will look significantly better if you remove any tree stumps.

Tree Trimming

Action Jackson can keep your home or business looking beautiful by trimming your trees.  Overgrown trees can negatively impact your lawn or garden.  They should not be hanging over your roof.  And they can be a safety issue.  Call Action Jackson today at 631-728-1111 for a free estimate.

Free Wood Chips

We are happy to provide free wood chips for your yard or garden.  Call us to request a delivery at 631-728-1111.